Dota 2 Update – July 31st, 2018

[ Bugfixes ]
– Fixed a bug that allowed players to cause Monkey King’s Primal Spring activation sound to play at different location than it would be cast.
– Fixed a bug that prevented Monkey King from drawing creep aggro for a short time when attacking out of Mischief.
– Monkey King may now transform into an Arcane Rune.
– Fixed a bug that caused Morphling’s Morph to gain certain abilities even if the morphed hero had not yet skilled them (e.g. Ogre Magi’s Multicast).
– Fixed a bug that allowed players to ping the real version of a hero if they had them selected before using illusion-creating abilities such as Manta Style and Doppleganger, which randomize the position of the hero.

[ General Changes]
– Enchanted Mangoes are now initially sellable at full price for ten seconds after they are purchased.
– Increased the number of Pro Circuit Prediction Tokens given per week to 60